Research Fellowships

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Fellowships at the Edward Worth Library, Dublin


The Edward Worth Library, Dublin, offers two different types of fellowship scheme:


‘The Edward Worth Library Research Fellowship’.

Important notice:


Worth Library Research Fellowship Scheme: We regret to announce that, due the Covid 19 pandemic, the Worth Library research fellowship scheme for 2020 has been postponed until 2021.


Please note that the e-mail is currently unavailable  to the LibrarianIf you have already applied using  this e-mail, please resend your application to


The Bríd McGrath Fellowship for Independent Scholars.


Our second type of research fellowship is ‘The Dr Bríd McGrath Fellowship for Independent Scholars‘. This is a joint fellowship scheme with Marsh’s Library, Dublin, which has been generously endowed by the renowned historian Dr Bríd McGrath.

Please note that all queries concerning ‘The Dr Bríd McGrath Fellowship for Independent Scholars’ scheme should be addressed to


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