2021 Anatomy webinar

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Edward Worth Library, Dublin

 webinar on

‘Reading, Teaching and Collecting Anatomy in Early Modern Europe’.

Wednesday 29 September 2021.




Professor Vivian Nutton (University College London): ‘Andreas Vesalius, 2010-2020 – New discoveries, new contexts’.

Dr Elizabethanne Boran (Edward Worth Library, Dublin): ‘Reading and teaching anatomy in early Modern Dublin’.

Ms Evi Numen (Anatomy Museum, Trinity College Dublin): ‘The Anatomy Museum of Trinity College Dublin’.

Professor Stuart McDonald (University of Glasgow), ‘William Hunter’s casts of the gravid uterus at the University of Glasgow’.

Dr Simon Chaplin (Arcadia Fund) : ‘John Hunter as body collector’.

Ms Cat Irving (Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh): ‘Portraits in wax – The anatomical models of Anna Morandi Manzolini’.


The newest Worth Library online exhibition ‘Anatomy at the Edward Worth Library’ will be launched at this event.


Free but please register by booking eaboran@tcd.ie by no later than 11.00am on Wednesday 29 September





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