The Edward Worth Library 2019 Seminar Series

The Edward Worth Library 2019 Seminar Series

Unless otherwise stated, all lectures take place

in the

Worth Library at 3.00pm.


Please note that seating in the Worth Library is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


27 March 2019: Professor William Mc Cormack (Worth Librarian emeritus): ‘Ambrose Charpentier (1861-1945), Roger Casement’s GP Doctor.’ This is the Worth Library’s Grizelda Steevens Memorial Lecture.

4 April 2019: Dr James Palmer (Reader in Medieval History at the University of St Andrews): ‘Charlemagne’s sciences and the framing of Carolingian religion (757-818’. Please note that this is the joint TCD-Worth Lecture in Medieval and Renaissance Science and Medicine and will take place at 5.15pm in 7-9 South Leinster Street, Dublin 2.

22 May 2019: Dr Catherine Cox (Director for the Centre for the History of Medicine, UCD): ‘Visualising the Pauper Patient in Nineteenth-Century Ireland.’  This lecture is a joint initiative of the Edward Worth Library and the Dr Steevens’ Hospital Library.

17 June 2019: Dr Cathy Scuffil (Dublin City Historian in Residence):One City: Four Maps’.

27 September 2019: Dr Georgina Hedesan (University of Oxford): ‘Alchemy in the Eighteenth Century: Johann Heinrich Cohausen’s Defence of Van Helmont and His Alkahest in Helmontius Ecstaticus (1731)’. Please note that this lecture has been postponed

11 October 2019: Professor Michael Browne (University of Roehampton): ‘Surgery and emotion in the nineteenth century’. This lecture will take place at 3.00pm in the Worth Library and is the Brendan Prendiville Memorial Lecture.

18 October 2019: Dr Cathy Scuffil: ‘One City: Four Maps’. This lecture (back by popular demand) is part of the Dublin Festival of History and will take in the Boardroom at 3.00pm.

1 November 2019: Professor Robin Lane-Fox (University of Oxford Fellow Emeritus): ‘Plants and Planning, 1580-1680’. This lecture will take place at 4.00pm in the Boardroom of Dr Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin 8. Please note that booking is essential for this lecture. To book please e-mail no later than 20 October 2019. Bookings will be confirmed by a return e-mail.

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