2012 Books of the Month

Books of the Month in 2012:

2012 December: The Salisbury Primer (1514)

2012 November:  ‘Considering the nature of birds.

2012 October:      Anatomy and the Baroque: FREDERIK RUYSCH, THESAURUS ANATOMICUS 1709-26

2012 September: The Etymologicum Magnum of 1499.

2012 August:  ‘Loyalty binds me’.

2012 July:        Summer Roses by Crispijn van de Pass (1589-1670)

2012 June:       The Ship of Fools

2012 May:         ‘Travelling to Louisiana in 1720’.

2012 April:        ‘The Dancing Earth’.

2012 March:     ‘Chocolate is good for you’.

2012 February: ‘Worth’s oldest book’.

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