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2018 Worth Library Seminar Series

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The Edward Worth Library 2018 Seminar Series.

Unless otherwise stated,

all lectures take place in the

Worth Library at 3.00pm.



Wednesday 21 March: Dr Ralph Stevens (UCD): ‘Histories, sermons, and bibles: religious texts in the Worth collection’.

This lecture marks the launch of Dr Stevens’ exhibition on the same subject.


Thursday 5 April: Dr Michael Schonhardt (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg): ‘A scientific revolution before Galilei? How the astrolabe transformed 11th century science.’

Please note that this lecture will take place at 5.15pm in the Medieval History Seminar Room, 5-7 South Leinster Street, Dublin 2. This is the Medieval and Renaissance Medicine and Science Lecture, which is a joint lecture between the Edward Worth Library and the Department of History, Trinity College, Dublin.


Friday 13 April: Dr Ida Milne (Maynooth University): ‘The 1918-1918 influenza pandemic in Ireland – medicine, politics, and people.’

Please note that this lecture will take place at 1.00pm in the Boardroom of Dr Steevens’ Hospital. This is a joint initiative of the Edward Worth Library and the Dr Steevens’ Hospital Library.


Tuesday 22 May:  Dr Jane Stevens Crawshaw (Oxford Brookes University): ‘The State of the environment: Public Health and Technology in Renaissance Genoa’.


Tuesday 3 July: Professor Mordechai Feingold (Caltech): ‘Science and Satire in Early Modern England.’

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