Robert Boyle Archive

The Robert Boyle archive at the Worth Library

At a one-day seminar on Robert Boyle (1627-91) in 2011 Professor Michael Hunter, the foremost expert on the life and works of Robert Boyle, presented the Edward Worth Library with his digital copy of much of the Boyle manuscript archive in the Royal Society. This is an enormous personal archive, comprising over 20,000 leaves and is a wonderful resource for all historians of early modern science. While copyright of the images naturally remains with the Royal Society itself, this digital manuscript archive provides scholars based in Ireland with access to this important resource. The Robert Boyle digital archive at the Worth Library comprises digitised versions of more volumes than are available either on the CELL (Boyle’s Work diaries) or Boyle Papers Online websites. It is available for consultation by appointment only (see ‘Rules of Admission’).


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