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The Edward Worth Library 2021 Seminar Series

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The Edward Worth Library 2020 Seminar Series

Unless otherwise stated, all lectures take place at

3.00pm via Zoom.

To book a place please e-mail

Please book no later than 10.00am on the day of each seminar.


12 April 2021: Dr Cathy Scuffil (Dublin City Historian in residence), ‘Down by the river  Poddle’. This is the local history lecture in the series.

6 May 2021: Dr Sarah Baccianti (QUB): ‘Mapping Medical Knowledge in Medieval Iceland: Manuscripts and Sagas.’ This is the joint Worth Library-TCD Medieval and Renaissance Scientific and Medical History seminar. Please note that this lecture will take place at 5.15pm.

9 June 2021: Dr Elva Johnston (UCD School of History): ‘Female Saints and the Tallaght Community in the Early Middle Ages’.

7 July 2021: Dr Hannah Murphy (King’s College London, School of History): ‘Extraordinary Physicians and Everyday Medicine in Renaissance Germany’. This is the Grizelda Steevens Memorial Lecture in Medical History.



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