Worth Library Research Fellows

Research Fellows to date:

  • Dr Magdalena Kozluk (University of Łodz): ‘Gardens and emblems’ (2011).
  • Ms Catherine Abou-Nemeh (Princeton University): ‘Hartsoeker and his Cartesian Instructors: Medicine and Mechanism at the Universities of Leiden and Amsterdam in the 1670’ (2011)
  • Dr Bríd McGrath (Independent Scholar): ‘Publications on Early Modern Parliamentary Affairs’ (2011).
  • Dr Clare Guest (Trinity College Dublin): ‘Anatomy and Antiquarianism: the artistic sources of early anatomical illustration’ (2012).
  • Dr Anna Marie Roos (University of Oxford): ‘Bryan Robinson (1680-1754): Newtonian Chymistry and Medicine in Dublin’ (2012).
  • Ms Florencia Pierri (Princeton University): ‘Animals in Early Modern Travellers’ Tales’. (2013)
  • Dr Hannah Murphy (University of Exeter): ‘Between theory and practice: local knowledge in early modern Irish medicine’. (2013)
  • Dr Fabrizio Bigotti (La Sapienza, Rome): ‘Measurement, Experimentation and Exegesis in Seventeenth-Century Medicine.’ (2014)
  • Mr Niall Hodson (University of Durham): ‘The Role of Correspondence in Early Modern Medical Texts.’ (2014)
  • Dr Marina Ansaldo (UCD): The Role of Mercury in Early Printers’ and Publishers’ Marks. (2015)
  • Ms Alice Marples (King’s College, London): Natural History book collecting and exchange in and between Dublin and London. (2015)
  • Dr Domenico Laurenza (Principal Researcher and Scientific Consultant (new scholarship research work for a digital interactive edition of Bill Gates’ Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester): From comparative anatomy to the comparative study of fossils and animals (16th-17th centuries). (2015)
  • Dr Benjamin Hazard (UCD Centre for the History of Medicine): ‘A study of early modern military medicine and the Republic of Letters at the Worth Library’ (June, 2016)
  • Ms Megan Baumhammer (Princeton University): ‘Visualising Early Modern Medicine at the Edward Worth Library’. (January, 2017).
  • Dr Ralph Stevens (UCD): ‘The Anglican Edward Worth: Books of Common Prayer and sermons in the Worth Library’ (2017).
  • Mr Jeremy Schneider (Princeton University): ‘Robert Hooke (1635-1703) and Natural History’ (2018)
  • Dr Georgiana Hedesan (University of Oxford): ‘Johann Friedrich Cohausen (1665-1750) and the question of eighteenth-century Helmontianism’ (2018).
  • Dr Fleur Beauvieux (Centre Norbert Elias/UMR8562-EHESS ): ‘Women, the female body, and emotions in the time of epidemics (17th-18th) (2019).
  • Dr Kevin Tracey: ‘Edward Worth’s use and collection of mathematical literature’ (2019).
  • Dr Sophie Battell (University of Zurich): The Fiery  Renaissance:  Combustion,  Flames  and  Ash  in  Early  Modern  English Drama (July 2022)

  • Dr Marco Papasidero (University of Turin –ERC NeMoSanctI): Saints, religion, and magic in the botanical treatises of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (October 2022)

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