Rules of Admission for Readers

Rules Governing Admission and Use

edward worth rulesThe Worth Library is a collection of rare books and bindings which the Trustees make accessible to suitably qualified scholars and readers, advised by the Librarian, and in accordance with the terms of a High Court judgment of 1994. While every effort is made to facilitate scholars, particularly those who wish to draw on the Library’s excellent resources for the History of Medicine, Science and History of the Book, it should be noted that the Library may only be used where specific required material is not reasonably available elsewhere.

Enquiries by post, telephone, or e-mail must be made before any appointment to inspect material can be made. Applicants should expect to be asked for scholarly references, likewise for a statement of their research project.

The preservation and conservation of the materials in the library is one of our primary concerns. Where a printed or electronic surrogate is widely available to scholars, the original item will only be issued at the discretion of the Librarian in response to a demonstrable need to consult the original physical object. Items for which there is no widely available printed electronic surrogate, but which are deemed by the Librarian to be fragile or delicate, will not be issued.

Readers can expect to have access during the normal working week (excepting days when public holidays occur or when the Librarian is on annual leave). Normal reading hours will be 11.00 -16.30hrs (with lunch break) and by arrangment.

Readers are accommodated in the Librarian’s office, where they work under supervision. Readers should understand that they may be asked to interrupt their studies, and temporarily surrender material under examination, when the Librarian is unable to maintain satisfactory supervision (eg during lunch and other breaks). In the short to medium term, it is not possible to accommodate more than two readers at any one time.


book bindingsNo Library book may be taken out of the Library. Coats, bags (including hand-bags), brief-cases etc. must not be brought into the reading room. Readers before leaving Library rooms must present all books, bags and briefcases to the Library staff for inspection on request.

Mutilation or defacement of any book or article of Library property is regarded as a major offence.

Readers may only use pencils in the reading room. The use of laptops is facilitated.

Smoking and the consumption of food and drink are forbidden in all parts of the Library open to readers, and no items of food or drink may be left on desks or in the reading room.

Readers are at all times responsible for their own property.

Readers are required to comply with the provisions of the Copyright and Related Rights Acts, 2000 when making photocopies from material in the Reference collection which enjoys copyright protection.

Readers may take photographs of material for their own research. However, such photographs may not be published in any way (i.e. they may not be printed or put online), without a) the prior written consent of the Librarian of the Edward Worth Library; and b) once consent is granted, the official acknowledgment of the Worth Library.

A growing Reference Collection is available to readers. Facilities for digitised photography are available, images being prepared by the Librarian (or, under her direction, by other staff) at costs individually negotiated.

The Librarian is keen to develop cordial professional relations with scholars and readers active in the various fields served by the Library. The Librarian is delighted to give guided tours of the Library on request, but appointments must be made in advance so that readers may not be discommoded.


Dr. Elizabethanne Boran,
The Edward Worth Library (1733),
Dr. Steevens’ Hospital,
Dublin 8.

Tel: 00353 1 635 2215.

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