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Objectives and Activities of the Worth Library Trust:


The Worth Library Trust, established by the order of the High Court, preserves and maintains the Worth Library and the Worth Library Collection as a unit in its original form and in its original location in Doctor Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin, for the purpose of advancing public education and a greater general knowledge and understanding of science, literature and the arts by enabling scholars and the general public to have access to a rare example of a uniquely preserved private library of an eighteenth century scholar and physician which is of unique national and international importance. The main activities revolve around public education and research in the context of expanding the profile of the library, nationally and internationally, as a centre for the history of medicine, science and the history of the book.

What we do

  • Open Days throughout the year (usually linked to events such as exhibition openings, lectures and conferences).
  • Tours (by appointment) throughout the year. We love giving tours so just phone or e-mail us to schedule a tour!
  • An annual lecture series.
  • Workshops and conferences on topics related to Worth’s collections.
  • A large annual online exhibition on a theme related to Worth’s collections. All our online exhibitions are available here.
  • Smaller exhibitions on a more specific theme related to Worth’s collections. These are usually undertaken by interns.
  • Print publications: conference proceedings (such as Elizabethanne Boran (ed.), Book Collecting in Ireland and Britain, 1650-1850 (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2018) and Elizabethanne Boran, E. Charles Nelson and Emer Lawlor (eds), Botany and gardens in early modern Ireland (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2022)), articles in scholarly journals, or smaller entries in newsletters.
  • Online blogs – in so far as possible participating in online blog pieces on other websites.
  • A MOOC (massive open online course) on The History of the Book, 1459–1800. This is a  FutureLearn online course, developed by the Librarian and staff from the Schools of History and English in Trinity College Dublin. It was first run in 2019 and is now a popular ongoing course.
  • The Librarian gives lectures at local history societies and other venues in order to spread knowledge of the Worth Library.
  • A Reading Room with generous opening hours.
  • A Research Fellowship programme – to encourage both national and international access to the collection by early stage researchers and more established scholars.
  • Specific lectures in the areas of the history of medicine and the history of the book.
  • Lectures on aspects of Worth’s collections at both national and international conferences in order to enhance recognition of the Worth Library collections.

Standards and Reports

The Worth Library Trust is currently compiling its Compliance Record Form in compliance with the Governance Code of the Charity Regulator.

In 2022 the Worth Library was awarded Interim Status with the Museum Standards Programme of Ireland.

2016 Final Trustees Annual Report 261017

2017 Annual Report of the Trustees v 4

Annual Report of the Trustees 2018

Annual Report of the Trustees 2019

2020 Annual Trustees Report Final

2021 Annual Trustees Report

2022 Annual Trustees Report


GDPR and the Edward Worth Library


Trustees of the Edward Worth Library:

Professor Greta Jones (Chair and Trustee)

Mr Bernard Gloster, CEO of the HSE (ex officio)

Prof Linda Doyle, Provost of TCD (ex officio)

Dr Audrey Whitty, Director, National Library of Ireland (ex officio)

(Nominee for Director General HSE)

Mr Gerard Long (Nominee for the Director of the National Library of Ireland)

Ms Laura Shanahan (Nominee for the Provost of Trinity College)

Ms Maureen Browne

Mr David Fitzpatrick

Mr Kieran Hickey

Dr Emer Lawlor

Ms Helen Stokes

Mr Tony Kelly

Professor J. Bernard Walsh


Administrator of the Worth Library Trust:

Ms Bette Browne


Library Staff:

Librarian of the Edward Worth Library:

Dr Elizabethanne Boran

Library Assistant of the Edward Worth Library

Mr Antoine Mac Gaoithín



CRA number  20066093

Charity number CHY 17643


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