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Adopt a Book Scheme

The Worth Library currently has a number of books which are in need of conservation. If you would like to adopt one of the books below, please download the Adopt a Book payment form. Once the book has been conserved, a webpage acknowledging the donation and outlining the process will be added to the Edward Worth Library website.

We currently have six books awaiting conservation:

Brant, Sebastian (1458-1521), Stultifera Nauis ([Basel]; 1497).

For more information about this book see:

Comment: Both boards detached.  €1,200


Etymologikon mega kata alphabeton, panu psphelimon. To alpha, methealtou.Venice: [8 July 1499].

For more information about this book see:

Comment: Paper restoration is necessary. €200


Ashmole, Elias; 1617-1692. Theatrum chemicum Britannicum (London, 1652).

Comment: Both boards detached and some of the spine covering is loose. There is also some paper damage.  €1,200


Ovid; 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D., The art of love: in imitation of Ovid De arte amandi. With a preface containing the life of Ovid. By W. King (London, 1708).

Comment: Back board is detached.  €1,200


Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of; 1647-1680. Poems, &c. on several occasions: with Valentinian, a tragedy. Written by the Right Honourable John late Earl of Rochester(London, 1696).

Comment: Back board is detached. €1,200


More, Henry; 1614-1687.Philosophicall poems, by Henry More: Master of Arts, and Fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge (Cambridge, 1647). Signed by Thomas Parnell.

Comment: spine has detached. €1,200


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