Conservation at the Worth Library

The vast majority of books in the Worth Library are in excellent condition and in many cases present the historian of the book with a superbly preserved book. There are, however, a small group of volumes which are in urgent need of conservation. A small exhibition, exhibited at the Worth Library in 2008 and called ‘Battered Books’, drew attention to the range of conservation problems.

To date two important items have been sent for conservation: Pietro de Crescenzi’s Ruralia Commoda and William Thynne’s celebrated 1532 edition of the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. We are immensely grateful to benefactors such as Mr. Brendan Prendiville, one of the Trustees of the Edward Worth Library, who made this conservation possible.  We  welcome any others interested in the conservation of such a remarkable library. All enquiries should be addressed to the librarian of the Worth Library, Dr Elizabethanne Boran.


The Worth Chaucer


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