2012 Spring Seminars

2012 Spring Lecture Series

All lectures take place at 3.00pm in the
Edward Worth Library.

January 31: Ms Kathleen Miller (Trinity College, Dublin): ‘George Thomson versus Nathaniel Hodges: Chymists versus Galenists on Plague in 1665’.

February 28: Dr Susan Mullaney (University of Cork): ‘Would be a means of restoring the health and preserving the lives of his Majesty’s subjects’: Ireland’s unique Eighteenth Century Hospital System.

March 20: Grizelda Steevens’ Memorial Lecture in Medical History: Dr Claudia Stein (University of Warwick): ‘Syphilis in Early Modern Germany’. Due to illness, this seminar has had to be deferred . We hope to be able to reschedule this seminar in Autumn.

April24: Dr Bríd McGrath: ‘An argument from silence: the strange lack of publications on the Irish Parliament, 1613-1647’.

May 15: Ms Patricia Wrafter (Senior Executive Architect, Dublin City Council) and Mr James Kelly (Kelly and Cogan Architects) : ‘The Worth Library and contemporary Dublin architecture’.

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